Master Vendor Monday | Makeup By Ashley

 Put your makeup brushes down ladies, this next vendor is here to beautify you on your wedding day! Meet Ashley, owner and artist behind Makeup by Ashley! 

I was so blessed to have this gorgeous lady do my make up for my very own wedding and I couldn't of been happier, I honestly have never felt prettier! From a photography stand point, having your makeup done can do wonders for any session, not only does it help your skin to look smooth and flawless-- i've found it to give my clients a boost of confidence! (Sometimes they don't even realize it!)

1. How did you get started in this business?

-I have always had a passion for make up. My mother introduced me to make up and was really good at it! I started doing it for fun because I had always done everyone’s make up all of my friends through college and high school. I started looking into it and went to some make up classes in New York. I never dreamed I would be as busy as I am because I truly feel it is fun and not a “job”.

2. How do you think others would describe you?!

-I think others would describe me as I fun, creative and outgoing!

3. Whats the biggest trend you are excited about this year?

-I am definitely not a fan of make up trends because I feel it dates the photos...but I do love that eyebrows are becoming more popular. They really frame the face and people used to be resistant to letting me fill in their eyebrows a little bit. Now that brows are trending they are willing to try it! I always tell my ladies let me do one and tell me what you think. They can’t believe the difference it makes!

4. What do you do for people with sensitive skin?

-The make up I use is great for people with sensitive skin! I have never had a problem but I keep my brushes very clean and also offer trials if ladies have a sensitivity issue.

5. Do brides get a trial makeup run?

-I do offer trials! Anyone in the bridal party is welcome to have a trial for a reduced cost of $25.

**** I totally recommend brides do their trial run the day of their engagement session! ****

6. Do you offer airbrush makeup?

-I only offer airbrush makeup because it feels light weight on the face, has great coverage and is extremely long wearing. It is sprayed in a micro finest so it really has a beautiful finish that you cannot get with traditional make up!

7. Why should brides hire a professional vs. doing it themselves?

-I would say always hire a professional unless you are the expert in that area. This is your wedding day and you only do it once. Professionals do this routinely so they know what works best or in my case what looks best on you!

8. What do you enjoy doing when you are not doing makeup?

-I love spending time with my 2 daughters and shopping!

9. Do you travel on location? Provide makeup for bridesmaids/family as well as bride?

-I travel to wherever the bridal party is getting ready. When I started I felt like that would be the easiest for the bride. The last thing you need is one more place to go on your big day! It doesn’t matter how early you start or how much extra time you think you have you a day goes by so fast! I wanted to make it extremely convenient for the bride and bridal party. The bride is obviously the focus but I offer make up for the entire bridal party, any guests, or mothers that want their make up done too and I ALWAYS do the flower girl for free!


10. What are some of your favorite things? Tell us more?! 

-My favorite things are anything chocolate! I love dove chocolate covered almonds. I don’t have any pets but I did grow up doing 4H with goats! I am one of seven children. My family is my greatest blessing and I love that God gave us all talents! I see that in my siblings. I have sisters that are awesome at hair and nails and putting outfits together! We are a great team!

11. Why do you think Makeup is a must for the wedding day?

-I I think make up is a must for our wedding day because it completes your look! If there is ever a day you want to look your best and feel your best that is the day. It’s amazing to me how good the airbrush looks on the skin. I am a fan of natural looking make up so I love for a bride to look timeless!
My expert advice from doing makeup for all these years is always go for the lashes! They look extremely natural but really pop on your eyes. Also If you eat before the wedding most brides order Subway but don’t get the onions! They stink up the entire house and you cannot get them off of your breath LOL
Enjoy your day but remember it’s about the marriage and just enjoy the process.


There is no better way to feel beautiful on your wedding day than being pampered by Ashley! She is incredibly sweet and insanely talented!! Ready to snag her up for your day?! 


Phone: 419.302.5205 

Liz & Jake | Engaged

I literally think we tried to plan their engagement session probably 7 times. Between school and work and living so far apart, then getting rained out the last time, I'm convinced it was all because the night we actually shot was PERFECT. 

Gorgeous light, not too hot (although Jake might beg to differ!) and these two. They share the sweetest glances at each other! They both recently graduated from Ashland University and have so many amazing things happening before the end of the year, getting to be apart of their wedding is SO exciting for me!! 

They are adventurous, driven, hardworking, fun-they are SO SO fun! and both have smiles that could light the world! Thanks for exploring the city with me! Liz, I hope we changed Jake's jaded idea of "Lima"! Can't wait to celebrate in October!! 

Mia Grace | Newborn

Oh this sweet girl! I met her momma & daddy at Texas Roadhouse. They are both hardworking, in jobs that give back. I was so excited when a special person contacted me to gift them a newborn session! She came into this world a little upside down, but perfect non-the less! 

They asked about bringing Brian's fireman uniform and I mean, how could I say no?! It turned out better than I could have hoped for!! Mia Grace is so dainty, everything about her was itty bitty!! I was so excited when mom said they had no color preferences for blankets, this lavender one is AMAZING and it was the first time I got to photograph on it!! 

SO SO many favorites of this sweet girl!! Congratulations Brian & Christy!! Mia is BEAUTIFUL! 

Master Vendor Monday | Aspen Jean Planning

I couldn't tell you the first time I met Aspen, It feels like i've known her forever! She is one of the sweetest people I've ever met, and I am thrilled to introduce her to you all! I think as a photographer, a planner and coordinator is something I encourage ALL of my couples to have! There are so many details, and last minute things that show up come wedding day and I hate seeing my couples stressed to get it all together. Out of all of the wedding vendors, a planner/coordinator is one of the top few that I work closest with! Having someone that understands the roles of all your vendors is key to having everyone work flawlessly throughout your big day! 

For all you brides and grooms-- You don't want to miss out on having this girl! She has SO much to offer and I know that she's gonna help bring your dreams to reality! Meet Aspen, owner and extraordinaire of Aspen Jean Planning! 

1. How did you get started in this Business? 

  • I come from a very big family, which leads to lots of family weddings, showers, and parties of all sorts! I have grown up watching my mom, aunts and grandmother put on these beautiful events for my family for as long as I can remember! When I started college and picked my major, I knew I wanted to do something where I got to work closely alongside people! After several people telling me to try out Occupational Therapy I gave it a go. Not long after getting into the OT program at the University of Findlay, I knew it wasn’t the right fit for me. I switched over to the Event Management and Marketing and I fell in love! When I started planning my own wedding my junior year of college, I knew I could see myself doing it as a career. Deciding to start my own business towards the end of my senior year of college was very scary, but coming from an entrepreneurial family and with the support from my husband and parents, I decided to take the huge step!

2. Whats the difference between a planner and a coordinator?

  • Planning and Coordinating is a term that gets interchanged a lot and it is something I really try to clear up for all my couples! When working with a planner, they will assist with the planning of the wedding, leading up to the day. They help with making decisions on design, vendors and the many, many details that are involved with the wedding. A coordinator is there for assistance the day of the wedding and the few weeks prior. They help with creating a time schedule for the day and helping all the vendors and bridal party stick to it on the wedding day. They are also there to be a point person, to come up with a solution if any problems arise and make sure the details of the day are set up and completed, so that the couple can enjoy their day as stress free as possible.

3. How do you think others would describe you? 

  • A definite people person! I am one that thrives off being around people, whether they are old friends, or those I have just met!

4. What all services do you offer to your clients? 

  • I offer full planning and partial planning packages along with a coordinating package! I also offer custom packages to brides who are in between packages! In addition to my on-site packages, I have started doing décor rentals. Brides are not required to book my services to book my rentals!

5. What does your ideal client look like? 

  • My ideal client is someone who I feel like we just click right away. They can easily describe their vision of the day and know exactly the look they are going for. It makes it so much easier for me to recommend vendors that fit their needs best when I know just what they are looking for! I also love getting to work with someone who loves fresh flowers as much as me ☺.

6. What's your favorite part of the planning process?

  • I think every planner loves seeing all the details finally come together on the wedding day. It is amazing to see how all the little details come together and complement each other. One of my other favorites, aside from the father / bride first look moment and groom expression seeing his bride walking down the aisle, is the little moment the bride and groom have after they are pronounced for the first time and have receded down the aisle. When they finally get to fully embrace each other. It is a moment of pure joy and love, and being able to witness that is what makes my job so amazing.

7. What's the biggest trend you are excited about this year? 

  • Weddings have evolved so much in the last few years and there are so many new up and coming trends I am so excited about! Textures is a big one! I am loving all the textures that florists are using in their designs as well as the different textures in the tablescapes! One of my favorites though is how couples are moving to “experience” style venues instead of your traditional wedding halls. Weddings are starting to become more personalized to the couple and their own individual style!

8. What do you enjoy doing when you are not planning?

  • My husband and I just recently bought our first home together! We love to spend our free evenings and weekends (when we have them) putting on our own touch around the house! If I am not spending time with family or friends, you can probably find me cuddling with my kitties, binge watching a good Netflix series!

9. Why should couples invest in Aspen Jean Planning?

  • My top priority for my job is to make the couple’s wedding day as enjoyable and stress free as possible! So many couples do not want to look into a planner because they feel like they won’t get to be as involved in planning their own wedding, which is not the case at all! When you invest in my services, I am there during the whole journey to help make this process more enjoyable for you! Engagement is such a fun time in your relationship and it shouldn’t be a dreaded time because of all the added stress wedding planning can bring!

10.  What do you want future clients to know about you? 

  • When you book my services, you get me throughout the whole process! I am there from our first time meeting through the wedding day. Building a relationship and trust with my couples is so important to me and that is reason why I will always be the on site coordinator/planner for every wedding that I book.

Mr. & Mrs. Gratz | Married

I remember the first time I spoke with Elaine over facetime, and how she told me her and Jerry weren't crazy about photos, that they weren't comfortable in front of the camera. We almost didn't do an engagement session, but we did. It was amazing and they were amazing. 

Elaine & Jerry are the kind of people that you meet them for the first time and you just feel like friends, They are the people that you think to yourself, I hope to hang with them again. It wasn't a surprise at all to see the all the people that traveled all from all over for their day! Friendships that stemmed from all different phases of their lives. Childhood friends, college friends, family and more. 

These two, their love is so pure, and my favorite part about them, they are SO affectionate and they don't care who sees it! Their first look was perfect! As Elaine got closer, Jerry got the sweetest smirk, he could hear her dress swishing with each step as she approached him, his nerves were disappearing and his anxiousness to see his gorgeous bride was growing! Elaine did not disappoint, her dress was GORGEOUS! It glistened in the light. Seriously so so beautiful!

We hopped around Columbus which has such a special meaning to both Elaine & Jerry, as it was where their love story started, and ended their night at the amazing Boathouse with a little backstreet boys and Nsync. Their entire wedding party knew the dance to Nsync's "bye bye bye". Amazing! 

This day was perfect, enjoy some of my favorites! Congratulations Elaine & Jerry!! Wishing you a lifetime if love, happiness and fun travels! 


Mr. & Mrs. Kurth | Married

It is so rare that I don't get to meet my couples before their big day but that was last Saturday. I had never met Patricia or Thomas until wedding day. I walked into a crowded hotel room and found the girl who was glowing the most! I quickly realized how filled with love this whole day would be! 

They had so many people travel from all over to watch and celebrate their love! I don't know if I laughed that much in a long time! Their friends and family were so much fun! Their day was filled with beautiful bilingual toasts, amazing dancing. It was filled with beautiful displays of culture, I left on cloud nine! 

Thomas and Patricia are the sweetest, they were grateful for every ounce of their day! We explored all of Columbus, which is something I've realized all about my Columbus couples! The city is important to them! We always end up in the heart of downtown and I love it! 

Their reception was held at The Wells Barn at the Franklin Park Conservatory, it was beautiful. Every thing was so beautiful! By the grace of God, we missed all the rain and the sun came in and out all day! I'm not sure things could have been any better! 

Thank you Thomas & Patricia, for having me be apart of your celebration, your love! It was a BEAUTIFUL day! Enjoy some of my favorites! 

Emilee & Evan | Engaged

You'll never guess where I met Emilee. Ok, maybe you will. Yup, you're right! But this time it was Texas Roadhouse in Fairborn! She is seriously the sweetest ever, I honestly can't even believe she's old enough to get married!! 

The first time she met him, was when he picked her up for the first date. That was all they needed. They have an adorable house sitting in the country side, with their two adorable dogs and fat cat. We had the most perfect night, it was actually pretty warm, but the sun and sunset was PERFECT. Evan actually started the session super sick. I was worried he would be miserable and possibly unable to keep going. but he seriously was SUCH a trooper and I think he maybe even enjoyed himself! haha! 

My favorite thing about their session was seeing how much Evan loves Emilee, and how he is everything she needs and more. They really are perfect for each other. I am SO STINKING excited to watch them say I DO! 

Some of my favorites! 

Mackenzie & John | Engaged

Texas Roadhouse does it again! Met this gorgeous lady while working there when we moved home! We bartended a short while together, I got to know her and a little about John! Bless her heart, had to deal with me being cranky pregnant in a small closed off area! haha! 

I remember her talking about the wait. You see, her and John have been together for quite some time, and she had been anxiously awaiting the big question for what seems like an eternity. I know because I waited FOREVER for Kenny to ask me too! Fast forward: HE ASKED, in a surprise sweet at home proposal! She wasn't even sure if it was really happening, but she said YES! I can't wait for their wedding this year! Mackenzie has told me a little about it and let me tell you--- its gonna be GORGEOUS! 

I loved getting to chase the light in some new spots around lima, so thankful they trusted me!! This was the session I knew that spring was FINALLY here-- everything was gorgeous, the light, the trees had finally blossomed! I was oozing with excitement the whole session!! 

Enjoy some of my favorites!!! 

Master Vendor Monday | Ivy Hutch

I'm so excited to start this part of my blog!! We all know that there is A LOT of different aspects that go into making your dream wedding come to life. It can be overwhelming trying to learn about all the different vendors out there. So i'm gonna try to make your job a little easier!! Once a month, I'm going to be featuring & interviewing one of my favorite wedding vendors!!

So to kick things off I'm so excited to introduce you to Ivy Hutch! More specifically, Ivy Hutch Flowers & gifts! Ashley Etzkorn is the Owner and head designer! She's surrounded by some of the most amazing ladies that complete her team, not to mention her supportive husband! 

I remember the first time I spoke with Ashley, it was about my own wedding!! Gah, I still ooze over photos of my wedding flowers! So! Meet Ashley, & the Ivy Hutch Team! 


Q: How did you get started in this business?? 

A: I always loved designing and creating growing up and took as many art classes as I could in high school. I graduated with a Bachelors in Tourism and Event Planning from BGSU. I got a part-time job at a Findlay flower shop my last year of college and quickly fell in love with the industry. I had no previous floral design experience. I learned from the owner of the shop and the other girls that worked there. After college I moved home and continued in the floral industry at Ivy Hutch. After two years, the opportunity came to purchase the shop. I am blessed to have a career that I love! 

Q: How do you think others would describe you? 

A: Creative & energetic. I have a willingness to try anything at least once and am sometimes a perfectionist, haha! 

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you are not at Ivy Hutch? 

A: I am a dance instructor at the Dancer by Gina in Delphos and also enjoy running and hanging at home with my husband! 

Q: What's the biggest trend you are excited about this year? 

A: Boho, I love loose designs and lots of texture when it comes to bridal bouquets! 

Q: What do you think flowers can bring to a wedding?

A: They set the mood, they soften and bring warmth to the event. Flowers are symbolic of new life and new beginnings.

Q: What do you want potential brides to know about you an Ivy Hutch?

A:  We love working on each and every wedding. We treat each wedding as if it were our own!

Q: The cliche question- what's your favorite flower?!

A: Of course I love them all! (Again, cliche! haha!) But if I had to pick one, probably alstroemeria, it lasts forever and comes in so many colors! 

Q: What should brides do with the flowers after the wedding?

A: Some of our brides dry their petals and have them made into beads for jewelry. It's a great keepsake! 

Q: Is there anything else you can provide your bride with, other than flowers?  

A: We offer personalized gifts right in our store! Perfect for bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts! 
Examples: Engraved pocket knives, coasters, tumblers, cutting boards, serving trays. There are literally 300 different items!! 

Q: Some of your favorite things!? 

A: Sweat pants, any type of candy/chocolate (its actually an addiction!!) Dancing, movies and the beach! 

Q: What sets Ivy Hutch apart? 

A: We're modern and stay up on the trends. We love our work so much that each arrangement is so personal to us! 


Ready to include Ivy Hutch in your wedding day plans? Contact them via: 




Phone: 419.692.2222

Jadin & Kenny | Engaged

Texas Roadhouse. It has played such a big roll in my life. It seems silly, but I worked their for over 10 years. 3 separate locations, One location twice. Second time around is when I met Jadin!! I couldn't believe that even though I had not worked there in so long she reached out about her wedding!! 

Jadin & Kenny have the sweetest little girl, Emersyn! She's a total daddy's girl!! As we walked around for their engagement session, I told them how excited I was that Emersyn too gets to be a part of their beautiful wedding day. Beckett was apart of ours and its still my favorite part of our day!! 

I can't wait to watch them say their "I do's" with Emersyn by their side!! Enjoy some of my favorites from their engagement session! 

Mr. & Mrs. Edler | Married

AH! Can't believe wedding season is officially under way!! Austin and Nicole were my first wedding of the year and it couldn't have started off better!! The forecast was not promising the days and hours leading up to their big day. I packed 4 umbrellas because the rain was suppose to continue from morning until night. 

As I got started with details I could not believe what I was seeing. The rain was clearing and sun was starting to come out! I was so excited to be able to have a little sunshine! God is so good!! These two are so loved, tons of friends and family celebrated in their big day and I am so grateful to have gotten to be apart of it! 

I hope you guys are enjoying your honeymoon!! Thank you Austin & Nicole for allowing me to be apart of your beautiful wedding!! 


Collins | Newly Born

In what seems like forever ago, but really not, Collin's sweet mama came to my studio and watched me photograph her brand new nephew. She asked some questions and seemed pretty weary of parenthood. She left early and I joked to her brother and sister-in-law, that it didn't seem as though Kara would be joining them in the parenthood club anytime soon. They both looked at each other, and I knew! Kara was asking all those questions because she too was going to in fact join the parenthood club and those first few days of trying to wrap your mind around the journey you are about to embark on is overwhelming and nerve wrecking. 

A short time later, Kara contact me to be apart of her journey! I was SO stinking excited!! Their maternity session will forever be a favorite and now Collins newborn session too! Although things didn't quite go as planned (poor Collins broke her clavicle), we ran with it and I am head over heels in love with this session, and this insanely adorable family!! Loved being apart of this time in your lives, Kara & Curtis!! Hope you love her session as much as I do! 

Some of my favorites! 

Raven | Newly Born

It has been MONTHS since I've blogged. I've been busy, but blogging has just been on the back burner. But its time to get my butt in gear!! I really do have so much to share with you! 

First up, one of my very best friends had a baby!!! I can't tell you how long it felt like I waited to meet this sweet girl! I loved every wrinkle, roll, and of course ALL of that hair!! 

Enjoy some of my favorites!! 

Mr. & Mrs. Williams | New Years Eve Wedding

There honestly could not have been a better wedding to end my year with, This New Years Eve wedding will forever be one of my favorites, The details, the dress, the decor was all top notch, but honestly- it was the love that Chris and Miranda have for each other that made it so perfect. 

They way Chris looks at her, he boasts about her every chance he gets, its the absolute sweetest! You can tell Miranda still gets giddy with him, she melts at his touch and his kisses. Their love is one of a kinda and I am just so blessed to have been there to capture it! 

Cold doesn't even begin to describe their day. Snow on the ground, negative temperatures, yet not a single person complained. Their entire bridal party were serious troopers. We could see our breathe, and not feel our fingers, but we did it! Lots of little well deserved breaks between all the portraits but my gosh-- It was SO SO worth it!! 

Congratulations Miranda & Chris!! Enjoy some of my favorites from your day! 

Mr. & Mrs. Burnett | Married

It felt like I had waited FOREVER for Kendall & Joe's wedding day!! I can't tell you how excited I was to see these two again! I knew that if any couple could handle a stormy wedding day, it would be these two! I mentioned them being Storm Troopers, and it was SO fitting especially since the guys had Star Wars hats & socks! 

As much as you can prepare for a wedding day, you cant.  They were such troopers to huddle under umbrellas just for a few quick portraits when we thought the rain wasn't going to stop! Things have to change & switch at the drop of a hat, and that most definitely happened for Kendall & Joe- Kendall had to get ready somewhere else, I literally ran after their limo because the rain had stopped so we had changed plans yet again for portraits! 

It was such a crazy good day!! We popped into The Met & Upper Lounge at Old City Prime for a few more portraits. These two are surrounded by so many people who love them, I couldn't be happier or more honored to capture their big day!! 

Here are a few of my favorites from their big day!! 

Mr. & Mrs. Henson | Married

Oh what a day! A beautiful, crazy, fun, love filled day! These two have been with me from the beginning, They forever have to be lifers. I refuse to let them ever use anyone else! ha! I don't think they will ever truly know what it means to be asked to be apart of so many big moments. These clients have turned family. And to be able to be there when they said I do was such an honor! 

Stephanie, you are so beautiful!! Inside & out!! And I know Eddie will be annoyed if I don't mention how handsome he was. He really was! And little Harp! OH MY GOSH!  Be still my heart!! SO CUTE!! Their day was gorgeous, incredibly warm for a November Wedding- even I was hot and if you know me- I LIVE in sweatshirts and sweatpants because I am always cold!! 

If you know Stephanie, you know her love for Disney & Harry Potter but also things classy & pretty! We'll she did it!! Their Beauty & the Beast wedding was classy, elegant, whimiscal & charming! So many beautiful details! Harper's dress was perfect, made from Stephanie's grandmothers dress! It was perfect! So much love for these two on their day, still sending it all from Ohio! Enjoy some of my favorites!! (My absolute favorite is the one of Harper & I! Love that sweet girl!)