Mr. & Mrs. Henson | Married

Oh what a day! A beautiful, crazy, fun, love filled day! These two have been with me from the beginning, They forever have to be lifers. I refuse to let them ever use anyone else! ha! I don't think they will ever truly know what it means to be asked to be apart of so many big moments. These clients have turned family. And to be able to be there when they said I do was such an honor! 

Stephanie, you are so beautiful!! Inside & out!! And I know Eddie will be annoyed if I don't mention how handsome he was. He really was! And little Harp! OH MY GOSH!  Be still my heart!! SO CUTE!! Their day was gorgeous, incredibly warm for a November Wedding- even I was hot and if you know me- I LIVE in sweatshirts and sweatpants because I am always cold!! 

If you know Stephanie, you know her love for Disney & Harry Potter but also things classy & pretty! We'll she did it!! Their Beauty & the Beast wedding was classy, elegant, whimiscal & charming! So many beautiful details! Harper's dress was perfect, made from Stephanie's grandmothers dress! It was perfect! So much love for these two on their day, still sending it all from Ohio! Enjoy some of my favorites!! (My absolute favorite is the one of Harper & I! Love that sweet girl!) 

Mr & Mrs. Meis | Married

It was a BEAUTIFUL fall day for Michelle & Andy's wedding! I don't think the weather could have been any more amazing!!! These two are so incredibly perfect for each other, it was such an honor to be apart of their day! Michelle was jaw dropping gorgeous in her Maggie Sottero dress! (No seriously, check out dads face from his first look with her!!) The details on her dress was one for the books!! The girls and guys all looked amazing in navy blue and they were such a great bunch to work with!! 

They girls all put together their bouquets with the flowerman and did an amazing job, and I'm sure they had a blast doing it! We made our way to schiller park for pictures and it was amazing!! Enjoy some of my favorites from the Meis wedding! 


Mr. & Mrs. Brackman | Married

What a day!! I've typed and erased probably 10 times already, not sure what to talk about first!! Her details were top notch, her dress was jaw dropping, the bridal party was the bomb(.com) , the weather was perfect & Amy & Jason are married!!

I love so much about this day, I am literally cheezing like an idiot as I edit their session!! I learned SO much more about these two on their wedding day! I took Amy for an understated, quiet, keep to herself kinda girl-- she is all of those things, but she is goofy, loves to belt out songs, and is just so spunky!! They have big families with big hearts and these two are truly loved beyond measure! They had friends travel in from all over to celebrate their big day and I can see why! These two are gems! 

I could go on an on about so much, but I think I'll let the pictures do the talking of how fun this whole day was!! Congratulations Amy & Jason!! Thanks for letting me be apart of your big day!!! 

Lucy Rae | Newly Born

Meet Lucy, this little girl has a special place in my heart! I feel like I would get asked a million times over when Allie & Jake were going to have kids, if they were going to have any kids. (You know, because everyone has to have kids, and it has to happen right after marriage **insert sarcasm). My answer always was, I don't know. I didn't know when they were going to add to their family, if they even wanted to have little baby Pohjalas.  

I think after becoming a mom you want people to experience the blessing that is motherhood, and I know that in my heart I wanted Allie to experience it too! I was thrilled when they stopped over and told us they were pregnant!! Then the news came... They were waiting to find out what they were having until baby arrived. What?! Didn't they know that I am the most impatient person?!

Fast forward-We were leaving for Tennessee and I get a message from Allie saying her doctor had accidentally broke her water! (This is why I'm not meant to go on vacation- Lucy was the 2nd baby to come early, before I left for vacation!) Thankfully Allie was far enough along that Lucy was healthy! So I not so patiently waited for a text from Allie, and I waited some more and some more! FINALLY a message, introducing me to Lucy. My heart melted! She was perfect!! I couldn't have been more excited for them! I knew Jake was already wrapped around her finger!! I was so excited to meet her!! I can't tell you how much I love capturing this moments for friends. Makes me love my job so much more! 

So excited to watch Lucy grow, but for now enjoy her while she is little-- some of my favorites! 

Easton | Newly Born

This sweet boy decided to make his grand arrival almost three weeks early!! (Second baby this year for me that has come three weeks early!- So i'm naturally going to say its because they are excited to be getting their photos taken by me! ha! ) I'm sure momma didn't mind having three extra weeks to snuggle this little peanut! Thankfully he was healthy! 

Easton has the cutest little features and a beautiful big sister that absolutely adores him! Much more so than she does getting her photos taken!! Momma brought a few hats with her that were so cute! I loved his Easton hat! Hoping to see more of this beautiful family in the future!! 

Enjoy some of my favorites from Easton's newborn session! 

Mr. & Mrs. Mathias | Married

I don't know if we could of had a more beautiful day. The sun was shining, but it wasn't overly hot, or too cold. It was a day filled with a lot of emotions, lots of smiles, a day a dream came true and a prayer was answered. 

I've only known Gabrielle for a few years, but instantly realized how incredibly sweet and genuine she was. I think one of the reasons I have loved so many of my couples this year is because I see so much of Kenny & I in them. Have I mentioned recently how much I LOVE what I do?!

They got married on Gabrielle's grandparents property, a place that without a doubt means a great deal to her. It was perfect. It was awesome to see everyone working together to get things perfect, to see people relaxing on the porch while there was still some hustle and bustle going on. It was definitely a bittersweet day for Gabrielle and some of her family, you could see the emotions, you could feel that their was a hole, a little something missing. Her Grandpa. I know how much he means to Gabe, and I know how much she was missing him. I also know he was there- you could feel it. All the missing pieces seemed to be wrapped up by all the love that surrounded Gabrielle & Tyson, so many amazing family and friends were there to celebrate the love that Gabrielle & Tyson share!! 

I am honored to be apart of their celebration, and just beyond happy for these two!! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness and lots of Gabrielle laughs (because they are the best!!). 

Enjoy some of my favorites from their day! 


Myriah & Justin

These two! They remind me so much of Kenny & myself, we share so many similarities (football teams, ice cream, and more!) 

I loved exploring downtown Cincinnati with them! Although it was a hard adjustment going from a small town with very few people out and about to worry about when taking photos to Cinci, where there were people EVERYWHERE! But thats also what made things so great, the hustle and bustle brings a craziness yet Myriah and Justin had this like bubble of calm, a bubble of love that prevented them from even noticing anything else going on around them.

Myriah has the most gorgeous smile, which is perfect for how much Justin makes her do it! These two are perfect, their wedding day will be perfect and I am thrilled to be apart of it!! 

Here are some of my favorites!! 


Mr & Mrs Heffner | Married

I was so excited for Ali & Nate's big day, the weather was beautiful and these two already are super adorable!! 

Ali was so easy-going the whole day, you could just see it. She was so ready to marry her highschool sweetheart and love of her life! And every time Nate looks at Ali his eyes light up! These two are ment for each other!! The girl's bridesmaid dresses might be some of my favorites!! Ali looked absolutely STUNNING in her dress!! All the little details were amazing!! 

The first look started off with both Ali & Nate back to back reading letters to each other, and then finally they turned around and wrapped around each other! The reception was so fun!! Ali & her dad broke away from typical father daughter dance and gave us all a little surprise number, and Nate and his mom ended up being joined by a lot of his family in what looked to be a very well known family dance! But everyone could not quit laughing at the next dance Nate & Ali were asked to Dance to! A self recorded song from no other than Ali & Nate!!! Oh gosh- I don't think there was a dry eye in the house everyone was laughing so hard! Ali & Nate were... shocked, embarrassed, mortified.. I'm not sure which one of those fits best! 

We did our best to sneak out for sunset photos, but the sun was pretty well hidden, so we had a little fun on top of the parking garage anyways! 

Such a fun group of people, a fun wedding and perfect couple! Can't wait to watch these two grow!! Congratulations Ali & Nate, thank you for allowing me to be apart of your beautiful day!! 

Whitney & James | Engaged

I am so excited that this girl has found the love of her life and even more excited that I get to capture her big day!!! I took Whitney's senior pictures and its seriously so cool to be along for this new and exciting journey too! 

At their engagement session was the first time I got to meet James. At first I thought, oh man- he's a shy one! But to my pleasant surprise! James is actually quite outgoing! Despite not having a very sunshiny evening-the night was perfect! We laughed, ALOT! James definitely knows how to bring out that gorgeous smile of Whitney's! I love their engagement story-- They were out Christmas shopping when James snuck off and made a few purchases at the jewelry store. He decided to give Whitney her necklace at dinner but accidentally pulled out the wrong box! Oops!!! He gave Whitney her necklace and like any girl would do, Whitney started asking about the other box thinking it would be some earings. I mean, who wouldn't ask!? So James only told her she could see what was in the box if she was sure she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him! And just like that, the got engaged!! SO perfect!! Ahhh! Can't wait for their rustic spring wedding! 

Check out some of my favorites from their session! 

Jonathan & Mackenzie | Married

Taylor University in Indiana brought them together. Friends first, in love later. Surrounded by friends & family, Jonathan and Mackenzie married on Mackenzie's grandpas farm. 

It was a truly beautiful day, after both cold spells and heat waves, their wedding day was the perfect blend. During the ceremony I could not help but wonder how beautiful it would have been to drive by, listening to everyone sing praise to the lord. Still gives me good bumps thinking about it! 

The excitement of getting to see her groom for the first look was intense, she smiled and pretty much danced the whole time they were helping her get her dress on. It was perfect, under the willow tree's they met, and she finally got to enjoy the warmth of his hug. Their day was about them, but much more about Jesus. I love how they celebrated him. They were the first couple I have ever photographed washing each other's feet, it was so humbling. It was a tent full of the closest family & friends all of which played a role in their lives, but also held a very special place in their hearts. Instead of a bouquet toss, Mackenzie chose to pray over her friends whom have not yet found their one true love. It was wonderful to hear how each girl had a special relationship with her, and to hear her pray to Jesus with them was beautiful and showed just how big Mackenzie's heart is that she would use her day to call to Jesus to bless her friends. 

It was small and simple but so beautiful, I was beyond grateful that God granted us the most beautiful sunset that we took a few minutes to snag some photos before Mackenzie & Jonathan headed off to their honeymoon! I hope they enjoyed Maine! 

Here are some of my favorites from their day! 

Allie & Jake | Waiting on Baby

First off. HOW IS IT AUGUST!?!?! Whew- this year is seriously flyyying by! The bonus to it being August, is yet another month of amazing shoots, our FIRST family vacation (I'm so excited for this!) annnnnd we are that much closer to meeting this sweet baby!!! 

My friend is having a baby!!! I am so stinking excited for Allie & Jake to jump onto the parent train!! Allie is already making mommy-hood look beautiful!! Allie & I have been friends since I'm pretty sure like 3rd grade!! We have went through lots of different phases of life together and i'm thrilled to finally be entering this phase together too!!! 

Allie & Jake have decided to wait to find out what they are having (which has completely drove me up the wall!! I just want to know!!) So for now, its just Baby P. Loved getting to go up to Toledo and spend some time together before their session, they got to see the kids (Kenny & I were totally trying to prep them- although we may have scared them instead haha!) The weather was beautiful! We started off in the little downtown area close to where Allie works and then we were going to meet up with Kenny who took the kids to the park  but we couldn't find him!! So we literally just pulled off the side of the road and grabbed the last of the sun before it set!! 

Bella, their first baby, joined us too! It's not an Allie & Jake session without Bella! But she was not up for a whole lotta smiling now this time around!!  So many favorites, and so much excitement waiting for Baby P to arrive!!! So excited to meet this babe and I just love his/her parents so much!! 

Ali & Nate | Engaged

I can't tell you the last time I had gotten up early for a sunrise session. To be honest, I'm not sure why I don't do them more, Ali & Nate's engagement session had my heart pounding from the very first moments! 

The light was magical and Ali & Nate are beyond adorable! With that combo we were surely going to have an amazing session!! These two felt like long time friends, our session was a blast! They were like naturals, everything came so easily for them both! We had the cutest audience during photos, some cows! Beckett looked through Ali & Nate's session like a billion times and kept saying, "They are getting married with the cows?" And before I forget, lets talk about that ring?! Nate, we see you-A billion brownie points! Isn't it AMAZING?! 

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for their wedding next month!! It's going to be amazing!! So excited to be apart of their big day and watching these two get married!! 

Here are some of my favorites, seriously, SO MANY FAVORITES!

Amy & Jason | Engaged

This engagement session was pretty weird, I think Amy & Jason would kinda agree! It started off with battling some rain so we took cover under an overhanging and kept on moving until the rain stopped!! 

We moved back to the alley and were just getting back into things when all of a sudden, THOR (Well a guy in full Thor costume) came running around the corner. There was a lot going on down town that night and we saw it all!!! We even met bob dylan's drummer ;) 

The weather ended up clearing up and turning out beautiful!! I loved getting to know Amy & Jason and learn more about how they met and their life in Kentucky!! I am thankful they made the trip up and time for their engagement session and I am super excited about their September wedding! 


Mr & Mrs. Steinberg | Married

It seems like forever ago that Sam, Melissa & I met for their engagement session!! Their entire day was filled with love, laughter, a few tears, but mainly lots and lots of love! 

It was talked about how they had friends from all stages of life there to celebrate with them, a true definition of their characters, you could see just by looking around how many people cared for them, the excitement from everyone that they were tying the knot! People traveled from afar to watch them both commit to one another. They got married at The Bluestone, an old renovated church- it was beautiful!! 

The weather was amazing!l! Not too hot, not too cold. I felt like the whole day flew by!!!  Melissa look absolutely breathtaking in her dress, I think Sam called her "smokin". His jaw dropped when he saw her for the first time, Melissa was equally as smittened with Sam!! I am so thankful to be apart of the Steinberg's big day! I simply adore these two, and had SO many favorites!! Here's just a few!! Congratulations Sam & Melissa!!!