Canaan | Newborn

This blog is so late, but life has been crazy since our trip and so I figured better late than never! 

This sweet boy, let me tell you- no one thought he was possible. No one. His momma inquired and we emailed back and forth, tried to set up a time to chat and it seemed like weeks, maybe months went by before we actually were able to chat. 

She told me about herself, some of her health issues, a lifetime battle of autoimmune diseases. They tried to have children, hormones weren't even helping her to ovulate, She was told she would never have children. Katie became extremely sick, doctors were unsure what was going on, she had rashes, bruises all over her body. The results from her blood test were all off the charts, two negative pregnancy tests (just before finding out she was pregnant). They told Katie that she could have a multitude of different cancers- non of which were true. They were praying for answers and received the most amazing answer to their prayers. Katie was in fact 11 weeks pregnant with non other than a miracle baby. They found out that Katie is allergic to her own progesterone, which commonly causes miscarriages around 10 weeks. And here they were already passed that point.  All the medications she took to get pregnant were in fact making her sick. Her doctors didn't think that Katie would be able to carry a baby full term, yet they both remained healthy throughout the entire pregnancy. 

God is so good! Canaan's story is such a testament of God's love and trust in his plan. I couldn't believe all that Katie was telling me, my mouth hung open our entire conversation! I couldn't wait to meet her and her sweet miracle baby!

Canaan, you are so sweet, so handsome and so loved!! I am so stinking happy that I get to watch you grow up, God obviously has big plans for you!  

Here are a few of my favorites of this little miracle man! 

Mia Grace | Newborn

Oh this sweet girl! I met her momma & daddy at Texas Roadhouse. They are both hardworking, in jobs that give back. I was so excited when a special person contacted me to gift them a newborn session! She came into this world a little upside down, but perfect non-the less! 

They asked about bringing Brian's fireman uniform and I mean, how could I say no?! It turned out better than I could have hoped for!! Mia Grace is so dainty, everything about her was itty bitty!! I was so excited when mom said they had no color preferences for blankets, this lavender one is AMAZING and it was the first time I got to photograph on it!! 

SO SO many favorites of this sweet girl!! Congratulations Brian & Christy!! Mia is BEAUTIFUL! 

Collins | Newly Born

In what seems like forever ago, but really not, Collin's sweet mama came to my studio and watched me photograph her brand new nephew. She asked some questions and seemed pretty weary of parenthood. She left early and I joked to her brother and sister-in-law, that it didn't seem as though Kara would be joining them in the parenthood club anytime soon. They both looked at each other, and I knew! Kara was asking all those questions because she too was going to in fact join the parenthood club and those first few days of trying to wrap your mind around the journey you are about to embark on is overwhelming and nerve wrecking. 

A short time later, Kara contact me to be apart of her journey! I was SO stinking excited!! Their maternity session will forever be a favorite and now Collins newborn session too! Although things didn't quite go as planned (poor Collins broke her clavicle), we ran with it and I am head over heels in love with this session, and this insanely adorable family!! Loved being apart of this time in your lives, Kara & Curtis!! Hope you love her session as much as I do! 

Some of my favorites! 

Easton | Newly Born

This sweet boy decided to make his grand arrival almost three weeks early!! (Second baby this year for me that has come three weeks early!- So i'm naturally going to say its because they are excited to be getting their photos taken by me! ha! ) I'm sure momma didn't mind having three extra weeks to snuggle this little peanut! Thankfully he was healthy! 

Easton has the cutest little features and a beautiful big sister that absolutely adores him! Much more so than she does getting her photos taken!! Momma brought a few hats with her that were so cute! I loved his Easton hat! Hoping to see more of this beautiful family in the future!! 

Enjoy some of my favorites from Easton's newborn session! 

Carter | Newborn

This little love nugget was born 6 weeks early! He was so ready to see the world! Despite being so early, Carter was a healthy baby which was so great to hear! I was SO excited when Kelsey contacted me about doing their pictures! I had just been telling Kenny how much I was itching for a newborn session!! 

Carter was a CHAMP! He did pee on me within the first oh- 20 minutes. I forgave him, Momma got peed on twice. He was pretty much a little pee monster. I SERIOUSLY LOVE SOOOOO many from this session! He's seriously just too cute. Big sis and dad arrived and sis wasn't feeling it, but we managed to get a few good ones, my oh so beautiful voice (ha!) and sweet dance moves to the itsy-bitsy-spider gets them every time!! 

Here are a few of my favorites from Carter's session! Hope you love them!