M & Mrs Manns | Renewal

Evie & Dustin married with a small ceremony in the summer so that Evie's grandmother could attend, it wasn't until the fall that they held their big celebration! I was so excited when Evie asked me to be apart of their big day, including bridal portraits!! If you missed their bridal portraits, they're amazing! You can find them here! They held their renewal ceremony & reception with family and friends at the Kenton Armory, It was a really neat place!! The rain couldn't damper the mood, everything was perfect!! It was an honor to watch these two recommit their love surrounded by family and friends!!




Autumn is 1!!!

I cannot believe Autumn is 1! Already!! I have absolutely LOVED watching this little girl grow! She is a doll!! Look how much she has changed!! 2_FB

She is so stinking cute, and so stinking stubborn!! I swear, Autumn gives me a run for my money, every. single. time! But I wouldn't have it any other way! I know momma was nervous about our session for Autumn's 1st birthday, but I think she will be excited to see how cute this session is!! Autumn-85_FB

I have loved capturing the rose family throughout their pregnancy all the way through autumn's first year! I hope I get to capture them more!! I think i've said this before, but toddlers are hard. They don't always do exactly what you want. That's the beautiful part of it. It's the opportunity to capture them just as they are. Even if that's a little fussy. Because in 15 years, your gonna look back and remember their fusses and flails and your gonna laugh.


Autumn, you are so precious and it has been an absolute joy capturing you through these first few phases. I hope mommy loves these pictures as much as I do!


beautiful sofa from Lost & Found Vintage Rentals!

Evie & Dustin | Bridal Portraits

It's not very often that you have a bride who is willing to put on her dress before her big day, but Evie was! Her request for bridal portraits was a dream come true! My favorite part of every wedding is the time I get to take pictures of my brides and grooms!! Evie still wanted to capture those moments of Dustin seeing his beautiful bride for the first time and I was SO excited she decided to do a first look! So for all my future brides... this is exactly why you should do a first look!! Right before she got there, Dustin said to me.. I'm kinda nervous!! It was SO cute!


I absolutely LOVED these pictures and was so glad we could incorporate Haiden into them!! Enjoy these bridal portraits and be on the look out for their beautiful wedding.. it will be on the blog soon!


Bride's dress and Suits--Twirl

Flowers- Ivy Hutch Florist



Harper-66_FB This girl. She is such a little peanut! I just love her! I loved capturing her mommas maternity and then her newborn session! You can find those here--> Maternity & Newborn!

I absolutely LOVE capturing the stories of people. I have been so blessed to capture Stephanie, Eddie's and Harper's story! I can only hope, despite being states away, I'll get to continue to for many many years!


These three are SO fun to photograph! Eddie is always been a good sport, first time I made him freeze in the cold, second time I made his sweat through the newborn session- this time I let him leave early and go hunting. Wasn't that nice of me! Stephanie's mom joined us! Broken arm and all! I love that I get to capture the three of them! I think those images mean as much to me as they do Stephanie!


Harper was super cute in her winter jacket and then that Kardashian dress, yupp, thats right. The Kardashian's have a kids clothing line, and I can't even lie-- they have some cute stuff!!Harper-72_FBHope you love this families session as much as I do!! Thank you Stephanie and Eddie for allowing me to be such a big part of your family! Love you all! 

Harper wanted to go out with a bang--- Harper-67_FB

The lovely couch is from- Lost and Found Vintage Rentals !

Casey Family | Families

Meet your modern day brady bunch! I can't tell you how much I love this family! I have known Tabitha and her kids for well, YEARS! Tabitha was my first ever photoshoot once I knew that photography was where I wanted to venture! It was a maternity session when she was pregnant with Maddie! I'll post a throw back at the end of the blog! I loved meeting the rest of Tabitha's family! We've had a breakfast date here or there with Brightyn and Beckett but I had never met Kyle nor his kiddos! Love this family and how much love they have for each other! We shot on Kyle and Tabithas property! It was gorgeous!! They have quite the zoo going on too! From ducks, to dogs, from chickens to goats-- They pretty much covered it!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from this session!!

Who's ready for a throw back?!?! 1936047_133709947742_2689397_n

The Frick Family| Families

Jamie and her family were coming in town from Michigan so she contacted me about family pictures! I was so excited!! Jamie and I went to high school together, although she was older so we didn't have any classes together, it was still so good to catch up!

Jamie and her husband began dating in college, the both attended the University of Toledo! They have two of the most adorable boys ever! Grayson and Lincoln! I think it's so funny how Grayson is the mini of Dan and Lincoln is totally Jamie's mini! Gives me hope that when we decide to have another, he/she might look like me!

The boys were great during our session, I won't lie and say we didn't bribe with M&M's a few times!

So many favorites from this session, enjoy a few of mine!!

Whitney--Round 2! | Seniors

I know you have been itching to see more of Whitney!! This red head bombshell is back for round two of her senior session!! This was my first sunrise session! It was slightly hard to get up at the crack of dawn, but I did it! Whitney's first senior session can be found here! 

I loved getting to see how beautiful the morning light could be!!! I hope to add more sunrise sessions to my schedule!!

There is not much else to say about Whitney other than she is absolutely beautiful!!

Check out some of my favorites from Whitney's second session!

Cam is 2!! | Family

I can't, but I can, believe Cam is two! It was just a few short weeks after we had Beckett that Cam was born! It still blows my mind that our boys are two, well Cam is almost two! I have loved watching Cam grow and see the similarities and differences between him and Beckett!

Cam has this light up the room smile and his giggle melts your heart! I know momma was nervous because Cam was a week bit grumpy during our session and would do just about anything to avoid my camera. I hate to break it to ya, Cam. I won! I always love getting a few pictures of mom and dad--every couple needs a few good pictures of just them! I swear by it!

I hope I get to capture Cam more as he changes and grows! Despite his ornery personality- I absolutely LOVE his pictures! It was a simple reminder that, 1. I'm not the only mom with an occasionally grumpy, fussy kiddo, and 2. It's gonna change, one day these boys are gonna be so nonchalant, care free. We will miss them fighting us on every little thing.

So take a look at some of my favorites, soak them up! Cause for now, for this short time--this is Cam.

The McCulley's | Weddings

I can't even begin to explain how excited I was to be apart of Meagan and Hugh's wedding! I worked with Hugh for quite some time at Texas Roadhouse when we lived in Missouri. Meagan and I were both pregnant at the same time together, so I got to see their family grow and now see their relationship grow! I am just so incredibly happy for them!

If you don't remember their engagement session, you can find that here! Meagan and Hugh got married on some family property and it was BEAUTIFUL!! Their bridal party was super fun and their day was just perfect!! Meagan was a stunning bride, Hugh was pretty dapper looking and Paisley was the cutest flower girl! Enjoy more of the McCulley wedding!!

Katie & Kids | Family

I LOVE it when Katie messages me about pictures! She is always open to a little travel, her family is always there to help, and she and her kids are always dressed to the nines!

It has been SO neat to watch Katie's kids grow, but so sad that they are getting so big!!! If there is one thing I know for sure about Katie, it is her immense love for her children. What's not to love about Chase and Lucy?! These two have such big personalities! They are quite hilarious, but you can totally tell they are still super sweet!! Lucy is like an old soul trapped in a little body! She's a gem! Chase, well- he's gonna be a heart breaker with that blonde hair and infectious smile!

So many favorites from this session! I hope you love them as much as I do!!! Thank you Katie, for always allowing me to capture your beautiful family as they grow!

Jessi & Girls | Family

I've never hidden the fact that my dog Vinny has some anxiety issues, I have made countless efforts to help him. When we lived in St. Louis, one of those efforts involved working with a dog trainer. I googled her, interviewed her and preceded with training sessions. The trainer knew I was a photographer and offered me to take pictures of her for her business and then also do a session for a rescue group, in return she fulfilled our training package free of charge. She recommended to me a couple of rescue groups, and I reached out to Jessi, who jumped all over the opportunity. Jessi is the president of the group Even Chance Pitbull Rescue + Resource + Advocacy. I felt like we hit if off instantly and I fell in love with helping these dogs. There was a reason I picked that trainer- I'm a firm believer it was to meet Jessi!

Jessi is the jack of all trades. I swear by it. She has a day job, she's a free lance graphic designer ( a phenomenal one too!) a mom to both two and four legged kids and the president of Even Chance. Other than the fact, her blood stream contains 85% starbucks, I'm still not sure how she does it all.

Jessi's girls are beautiful, which isn't much of a surprise once you see Jessi!  Jas is seriously on model status. She is simply gorgeous! I could take pictures of her all day. There is not enough words in the world to describe how much Ava HATES getting her pictures taken by me! She made me work. She made all of us work. Good thing she's so cute ;)

Not only did I get to photograph Jessi's daughters but her fur babies as well! Zeff is so handsome and full of tricks! I loved watching him pose! If only every dog was like Zeff! Then there is "minnow"- a sweet little black and white girl who Ava named! Minnow is quite possibly available for adoption, but quite possibly not. I think Jessi has struggled with the idea of letting her go, I don't blame her. She's pretty much perfect!

I hope you guys enjoy these pictures! and PLEASE go show Even Chance some love! You can find there Facebook page here! I feel like an EC blog post is needed. You guys need to know how awesome this group is!

Whitney | 2016 Senior-Columbus Grove

I must say, Whitney's mom made me a little nervous for our session. She "warned" me that Whitney was along the lines of a,  redneck, hillbilly, tomboy. That could not be further from the truth! She's definitely got some country too her, but I didn't see any redneck, hillbilly or tomboy. This girl is GORGEOUS! I can't wait for our next session! Whitney is a 2016 senior at Columbus Grove Highschool!

I loved walking around the little town and getting to know Whitney and her mom better! We had a blast! I'm just glad neither of us ended up with a stray cat coming home with us, it really almost happened!  The only thing Whitney really wanted was some photo's in her prom dress, which is STUNNING, at her grandma's old farm with a bench given to Whitney by her grandmother. It was perfect!

The light all night was simply amazing! Totally complimented Whitney's gorgeous red hair! They even let me play around with some harsher light so that was fun! Whitney's sweet personality totally made me want to shoot more senior sessions!

Enjoy part 1 of Whitney's awesome Senior Session!! Can't wait for part 2!

Shawna & Ryan | The Waz Wedding

Beautiful is the easiest way to describe this wedding. I can't begin to explain how much I enjoyed being apart of this wedding! The wedding party was SO fun and i'm still trying to figure out how Shawna & Ryan got so many beautiful friends! Such a good looking wedding party!! Shawna & Ryan exchanged vows at Wildwood Metro Park in Toledo Ohio, it was amazing! Their reception was held at Premier in Toledo- this place was so neat!! Shawna & I had talked over the phone and through messaging a few times about their big day, and she informed me of a little surprise she had for Ryan-- I got teary eyed just hearing about it! Ryan would be missing a huge piece at his wedding since his father had passed and would not be there. I know all too well, what that feeling is like! Shawna arranged for Ryan's father's wedding band to be attached to his boutonniere--so sweet right?! I told her i'd probably cry enough for the both of us, but I held it together pretty well! They also had a balloon release for those who could not physically share in the day!

The wedding went off with out any hitches--well except I moved the scissors they were supposed to use to cut the balloons. yup. thats right. I about died when I realized what they were actually for! Don't worry, I confessed right after the wedding. Talk about traumatizing.

Other than that- the wedding was perfect! Thank you SO much Shawna & Ryan for allowing me to be a part of your day! Wishing you both a life time of fun, love and happiness! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their big day!

Lauren & Austin | Engagement

I've known Austin since, well, as long as Kenny & I have been together! Mainly because they are cousins!  I could not be happier that he found Lauren! She is SO incredibly sweet! I can't lie and tell you that I wasn't nervous for our session! I was! Austin has such a goofy, laid back personality, and sometimes when you know the person you are photographing on a personal level, they tend to be more goofy during the session! I was SO pleasantly surprised!

Austin's & Lauren's love radiated from them both!! They were SO easy! I had so much fun and they are insanely adorable together!! We could not have asked for a more perfect night! The light was AMAZING! I hope you enjoy this engagement session as much as I did! By far, one of my favorites!

The Clarks | Family

My session with my cousin Brittany's family was awesome! It started out with lots of "whips and nae nae's" and ended with Garrett attempting to be spider man--in a white shirt. Such a boy! I honestly don't even know what I loved more, seeing how connected they were as a family or seeing how IN LOVE Josh and Brittany are! We couldn't have asked for a better night! We some how managed to get a break from all the rain to shoot, I was so thankful! Brittany and I both have crazy schedules so I was worried that finding another time was going to be a challenge! No Need! Kennedy pretty much rocked the entire session! She is such a ham for the camera! Made my job so easy! Josh was awesome too!  -considering he started out saying- I'm just here cause I have to be! I'd like to think he enjoyed it! Either way- I love getting to catch up with family, even if its at a session!!

Enjoy this fun, goofy, beautiful family!! I love this session!

Remy | Newborn

Welp, Sterling is officially off the hook as most stubborn baby! Remy takes the cake! This handsome boy had ZERO intentions of going to sleep. But I did manage to get about 10 minutes outta him! So Ha! I win Remy :) On a more serious note--- How GORGEOUS is this boy! He had the creamiest of skins! amazing hair and the prettiest eyes! For him being awake for most of the 2 hours they were here, I have a ton of favorites from this session! It was a challenge that forced me to work out of my comfort zone, be creative and still get great shots! I'm extremely happy with how these turned out!! So excited to share these images with you all! Sweet Remy, I hope to see you again soon!! <3 Congratulations Courtney!! He is so perfect!!

Rhodes | Wedding

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs Rhodes!! I can't even begin to explain how fun this wedding was!! Kayla & Aaron were surrounded by SO much love the day of their wedding, it was amazing to see! Their relationship started in high school and they never looked back. They LOVE baseball and decided their was NO way to not have a Cardinal baseball themed wedding--they hit this one outta the park!! They got married at the BEAUTIFUL Gardens at SIUE! Their reception was held at Sunset Hills Country Club, it was stunning! The day was perfect, from beginning to end. No rain, lots of love, and many future years of happiness! Thank You Kayla & Aaron, for allowing me to be apart of the happiest day of your lives thus far!

Wishing you a lifetime of laughs & happiness!

David | Newborn

Meet David!!! This handsome fella and his beautiful momma answered my model call, and boy I am glad they did! David was awesome!! I was able to work on a couple of poses i've not yet mastered!! Sarah is so blessed with the cutest of boys! She is definitely going to have her hands full trying to keep away all the girls! Love love love the shots with Sarah, she is so beautiful! Easily some of my favorites!  David was so perfect, such an amazing sleeper and he made my love for newborn photography grow that much more! I did a model call so I could shoot this AMAZING bonnet by Lavender Blue Baby! Isn't it so beautiful! Thank You Sarah, for packing up three boys so I could get some amazing pictures of your handsome guys!