Autumn is 1!!!

I cannot believe Autumn is 1! Already!! I have absolutely LOVED watching this little girl grow! She is a doll!! Look how much she has changed!! 2_FB

She is so stinking cute, and so stinking stubborn!! I swear, Autumn gives me a run for my money, every. single. time! But I wouldn't have it any other way! I know momma was nervous about our session for Autumn's 1st birthday, but I think she will be excited to see how cute this session is!! Autumn-85_FB

I have loved capturing the rose family throughout their pregnancy all the way through autumn's first year! I hope I get to capture them more!! I think i've said this before, but toddlers are hard. They don't always do exactly what you want. That's the beautiful part of it. It's the opportunity to capture them just as they are. Even if that's a little fussy. Because in 15 years, your gonna look back and remember their fusses and flails and your gonna laugh.


Autumn, you are so precious and it has been an absolute joy capturing you through these first few phases. I hope mommy loves these pictures as much as I do!


beautiful sofa from Lost & Found Vintage Rentals!

Evie & Dustin | Bridal Portraits

It's not very often that you have a bride who is willing to put on her dress before her big day, but Evie was! Her request for bridal portraits was a dream come true! My favorite part of every wedding is the time I get to take pictures of my brides and grooms!! Evie still wanted to capture those moments of Dustin seeing his beautiful bride for the first time and I was SO excited she decided to do a first look! So for all my future brides... this is exactly why you should do a first look!! Right before she got there, Dustin said to me.. I'm kinda nervous!! It was SO cute!


I absolutely LOVED these pictures and was so glad we could incorporate Haiden into them!! Enjoy these bridal portraits and be on the look out for their beautiful wedding.. it will be on the blog soon!


Bride's dress and Suits--Twirl

Flowers- Ivy Hutch Florist



Harper-66_FB This girl. She is such a little peanut! I just love her! I loved capturing her mommas maternity and then her newborn session! You can find those here--> Maternity & Newborn!

I absolutely LOVE capturing the stories of people. I have been so blessed to capture Stephanie, Eddie's and Harper's story! I can only hope, despite being states away, I'll get to continue to for many many years!


These three are SO fun to photograph! Eddie is always been a good sport, first time I made him freeze in the cold, second time I made his sweat through the newborn session- this time I let him leave early and go hunting. Wasn't that nice of me! Stephanie's mom joined us! Broken arm and all! I love that I get to capture the three of them! I think those images mean as much to me as they do Stephanie!


Harper was super cute in her winter jacket and then that Kardashian dress, yupp, thats right. The Kardashian's have a kids clothing line, and I can't even lie-- they have some cute stuff!!Harper-72_FBHope you love this families session as much as I do!! Thank you Stephanie and Eddie for allowing me to be such a big part of your family! Love you all! 

Harper wanted to go out with a bang--- Harper-67_FB

The lovely couch is from- Lost and Found Vintage Rentals !

Casey Family | Families

Meet your modern day brady bunch! I can't tell you how much I love this family! I have known Tabitha and her kids for well, YEARS! Tabitha was my first ever photoshoot once I knew that photography was where I wanted to venture! It was a maternity session when she was pregnant with Maddie! I'll post a throw back at the end of the blog! I loved meeting the rest of Tabitha's family! We've had a breakfast date here or there with Brightyn and Beckett but I had never met Kyle nor his kiddos! Love this family and how much love they have for each other! We shot on Kyle and Tabithas property! It was gorgeous!! They have quite the zoo going on too! From ducks, to dogs, from chickens to goats-- They pretty much covered it!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from this session!!

Who's ready for a throw back?!?! 1936047_133709947742_2689397_n

The Frick Family| Families

Jamie and her family were coming in town from Michigan so she contacted me about family pictures! I was so excited!! Jamie and I went to high school together, although she was older so we didn't have any classes together, it was still so good to catch up!

Jamie and her husband began dating in college, the both attended the University of Toledo! They have two of the most adorable boys ever! Grayson and Lincoln! I think it's so funny how Grayson is the mini of Dan and Lincoln is totally Jamie's mini! Gives me hope that when we decide to have another, he/she might look like me!

The boys were great during our session, I won't lie and say we didn't bribe with M&M's a few times!

So many favorites from this session, enjoy a few of mine!!

Katie & Kids | Family

I LOVE it when Katie messages me about pictures! She is always open to a little travel, her family is always there to help, and she and her kids are always dressed to the nines!

It has been SO neat to watch Katie's kids grow, but so sad that they are getting so big!!! If there is one thing I know for sure about Katie, it is her immense love for her children. What's not to love about Chase and Lucy?! These two have such big personalities! They are quite hilarious, but you can totally tell they are still super sweet!! Lucy is like an old soul trapped in a little body! She's a gem! Chase, well- he's gonna be a heart breaker with that blonde hair and infectious smile!

So many favorites from this session! I hope you love them as much as I do!!! Thank you Katie, for always allowing me to capture your beautiful family as they grow!

Jessi & Girls | Family

I've never hidden the fact that my dog Vinny has some anxiety issues, I have made countless efforts to help him. When we lived in St. Louis, one of those efforts involved working with a dog trainer. I googled her, interviewed her and preceded with training sessions. The trainer knew I was a photographer and offered me to take pictures of her for her business and then also do a session for a rescue group, in return she fulfilled our training package free of charge. She recommended to me a couple of rescue groups, and I reached out to Jessi, who jumped all over the opportunity. Jessi is the president of the group Even Chance Pitbull Rescue + Resource + Advocacy. I felt like we hit if off instantly and I fell in love with helping these dogs. There was a reason I picked that trainer- I'm a firm believer it was to meet Jessi!

Jessi is the jack of all trades. I swear by it. She has a day job, she's a free lance graphic designer ( a phenomenal one too!) a mom to both two and four legged kids and the president of Even Chance. Other than the fact, her blood stream contains 85% starbucks, I'm still not sure how she does it all.

Jessi's girls are beautiful, which isn't much of a surprise once you see Jessi!  Jas is seriously on model status. She is simply gorgeous! I could take pictures of her all day. There is not enough words in the world to describe how much Ava HATES getting her pictures taken by me! She made me work. She made all of us work. Good thing she's so cute ;)

Not only did I get to photograph Jessi's daughters but her fur babies as well! Zeff is so handsome and full of tricks! I loved watching him pose! If only every dog was like Zeff! Then there is "minnow"- a sweet little black and white girl who Ava named! Minnow is quite possibly available for adoption, but quite possibly not. I think Jessi has struggled with the idea of letting her go, I don't blame her. She's pretty much perfect!

I hope you guys enjoy these pictures! and PLEASE go show Even Chance some love! You can find there Facebook page here! I feel like an EC blog post is needed. You guys need to know how awesome this group is!

Henry & Parents | Family

Henry's mom contacted me shortly before we moved in hopes of getting some pictures of their uber adorable family! I was worried with my limited schedule we wouldn't be able to find a date that worked for us both, but we did!! We worked it out to have our session when I came back to shoot a wedding! That weekend rolled around and it was suppose to rain all weekend so I was bummed! We met at Queeny Park, I had never shot there so I was excited to explore! The park was BEAUTIFUL and everyone there was so friendly!! Henry is SO stinking cute and his parents are so sweet!! I love SO many pictures from their session, but its hard not too with such a beautiful family!!

Autumn | 6 Months Old

I cannot believe how much Autumn has changed! She is a DOLL! She was so itty bitty and perfect at her newborn session and not much has changed! I know Autumn's mommy and I were excited to get outside for our session, but the whether would not hold out. Lucky me, they have a beautiful home they invited me into for their session!! Autumn's daddy wasn't able to be there for our newborn session, I was so excited to be able to capture them together, and of course with her mommy, she is after all, her mini!

I loved being able to capture this exciting age! Kids are so animated and fun! Autumn was pretty stubborn, which I'm sure she was the same way at her newborn session, so I shouldn't have been surprised! Mom and Dad were dancing, singing and much more to try and get a laugh or smile out of Autumn. Her only plan was to stick her tongue out, which made for some adorable, slobbery pictures!

I hope you enjoy these pictures of this sweet girl!! I know I do!!! I love capturing SCP babies as they grow!